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Squirrel Control in St. Pancras

Squirrel Control in St. Pancras

In and surrounding areas grey squirrels are the most common type of squirrel that could cause you problems in your home. The problems start If they decide to settle in your garden or even inside your home. Squirrels love to chew and like to chew on electrical wires and cable which can mean expensive rewiring for home owners and a potential fire hazard too.

Squirrels attract other pests especially parasites to your home. If you have a squirrel problem in or surrounding areas, we are confident we will be able to help you. We are squirrel control experts whether the squirrel has become a pest outside or even inside your home. The female squirrels like to return to their birthplace and start reproducing there.

They come back by imprinting and will search your homes to try have a squirrel litter in your attic or loft in your London home. One method we use is seal up your home to keep the squirrels out and from returning to your London home. We can also trap out the squirrels and then proof your home and make it squirrel free permanently. We offer all the full pest control services that will remove and assist you with problems caused by squirrels.

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